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C-Spectrum White DTF Ink


C-Spectrum DTF inks are here to offer SUPERIOR quality, consistency and overall productivity.
Revolutionize your printing experience with our C-Spectum DTF waterbased inks. Experience a burst of vibrancy like never before, as colors pop with unparalleled brilliance. Say goodbye to stiff prints – our ink delivers a soft, luxurious feel to your final products, elevating their quality and appeal.
Engineered under DTG SUPPLIES CANADA supervision and guidance to enhance printhead longevity, it minimizes nozzle dropouts, ensuring consistent, flawless prints.  Trust in a solution that not only elevates your output’s aesthetic but also prioritizes the health and longevity of your equipment.
With the C-Spectrum DTF inks we are proud to sets a new standard in performance, quality, and sustainability.

– Better color vibrancy and white opacity
– Better Ink flow while printing
– Longer Shelf life
– Made in North America
– Suitable for ALL Epson Printheads, no exceptions.

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Waterbased DTF inks for Epson based printers and printheads.

Suitable for
Epson 1390,1400,1430
R1800, R1900, R2000, R2880, R3000, R3800, R3880, 4880, 4800
P400, P600, P800
Epson based larger format printers with 4720, and I3200 and XP heads printers.

DTF Ink are not suitable for Direct to Garment printing. Only for Direct to FILM (DTF)

White DTF inks need to be shaken daily for optimal results.



250ml, 500ml, 1L Bottle, 2x1L Bottle, 5x1L Bottle, 10x1L Bottle, 48x1L Bottle, 112x1L Bottle


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