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UV DTF “B” Film 31 cm


42cm x 100m

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Discover the UV A and B DTF film and enhance your Printing Experience with UV DTF Film – Exclusively from DTG Supplies Canada

Specially designed for a 31cm width, this film ensures high-resolution and UV-resistant output. Achieve unparalleled detail and color accuracy in your direct-to-film printing projects, making your creations stand out with exceptional quality and precision.

Discover a realm of unparalleled printing possibilities with UV DTF (Direct to Film) Film, proudly offered by DTG Supplies Canada. This premium film isn’t just an addition to your printing toolkit; it’s a complete game-changer in the industry.

What Sets Our UV DTF Film Apart

Unrivaled Quality: Immerse yourself in the richness and vibrancy of colors like never before. Our UV DTF Film produces breathtaking, high-definition prints that bring your designs to life. Setting a New Standard: We’ve redefined excellence in the printing realm. Compared to other products available, our film offers superior color depth and durability, ensuring your prints make a lasting impression. Unmatched Versatility: Engineered for use on hard surfaces, our UV DTF Film is perfect for customizing items like cups, mugs, tumblers, wood, metal, and more. The creative possibilities are endless. Waterproof and Highly Adhesive

Long-lasting and Dependable: Our film features a waterproof, permanent adhesive that guarantees durability and resilience. Whether for personal or commercial applications, trust our film to deliver enduring results. Robust Adhesion: The strong adhesive properties of our UV DTF Film ensure your designs remain intact, making it ideal for items subject to regular use and washing. DTG Supplies Canada: Your Trusted Partner

Authorized Distribution: As an authorized distributor, DTG Supplies Canada assures the authenticity and excellence of every roll of UV DTF Film. We stand behind our product, ensuring you receive nothing but the finest quality. Elevate Your Printing Experience Upgrade to UV DTF Film for visually stunning prints that are as durable as they are versatile. With our film, your creative potential knows no bounds.

Start Crafting Masterpieces Today Visit the DTG Supplies Canada website to explore our selection of UV DTF Films and embark on a journey to transform your printing projects

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