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Cadlink DTF LARGE Format Printers


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RIP software with features specific for DTF transfer printing.

Everything you need in a single Direct to Film (DTF) software package. With an unbeatable set of features, Digital Factory Direct To Film Edition includes a combination of file preparation, colour management, and production automation tools.



Large Format Dual Head Printers


Epson 1400,1430,1500w L1800
Epson R1900, R2000, R2880, R3000, R3880, R3800
Epson P400, P600, P800
Epson 48xx series
Epson 7xxx series *
Epson Pxxxx series


Supports 99% of Epson converted printers.

This package supports one printer port

Digital Pin Activation. Dongle Upon request extra.


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